JM 690(b).5410 - Organizational Communications in the New Era, 3 credits (Spring 2014)
(JM 690(b).5410)

The need to communicate is a very basic one.  While ancient cave drawings might suggest that communication is about the transfer of information (good buffalo hunting ground lies in this direction, or, water is in this direction) it is not simply about transferring information. This class examines how meeting the challenges of personal, inter- and intra-organizational communication have changed over the last half century and how organizational relationships with stakeholders including employees, governments, the local community and shareholders require new approaches to communication. For the individual, increased understanding regarding the importance of, and skills required to effectively communicate in a way appropriate to the situation leads to increased leadership potential and potency regards advocacy and policy change, and increased organizational innovation.  Indeed, competency in understanding and practicing communication processes represents a significant part of the transition from ‘manager’ to ‘leader’ and has the potential to have a significant impact on individuals’ career paths.

Offered: Spring 2014

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