Lenard Vare - Student Developed Course
(Lenard Vare - Student Developed Course)

Course Instructor: Lenard Vare 

Course Description: This course will examine the events which led up to the well-publicized scandal in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania involving widespread abuse of power in the juvenile courts. 

Further Details:
Based upon a presentation by Judge Aurthur Grim and Robert Schwartz of the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia, PA, the course highlights the circumstances surrounding the investigation into two Luzerne County judges' accepting bribes to fill the beds of a for-profit detention center.  The ensuing investigation resulted in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordering the reversal of over 6,000 delinquency adjudication between 2003 and 2009.  In the aftermath of the scandal, numerous lawsuits were filed and emergency measures were implemented to prevent such events in the future. 

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