Kyle Stewart - Student Developed Course
(Kyle Stewart - Student Developed Course)

Course Description:  Welcome to An Introduction to Street Drugs. In this 3-week course the student will become familiar with common illegal and abused drugs in the United States. The instructor will engage the student in examining:  Narcotics, Depressants, Stimulants, Halucinogens, Cannabis, and other compounds.

If you encounter any technical difficulties whatsoever in participating in this course, please contact our Technical Coordinator Ken Gibson.

 You may access and print a general syllabus for the course, which sets forth the course description and objectives, but each unit will include its own outline for reading and other assignments, tests, specific instructions for papers, and grading criteria. Assignments may include participating in discussions by posting your comments on-line. It is your responsibility to adhere to deadlines set by the instructor.

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