JM 792.703 - Sp Top: Psychology of Criminal Behavior, 3 Credits (January 20th to April 12th, 2009)
(JM 792.703)

This course provides the student with insights about crime from a psychological perspective, exploring the mind of different types of criminals. The behavioral, emotional and cognitive aspects of crime and criminals are examined, focusing primarily on the offender, but also occasionally on the victim. You will learn what motivates criminals to commit the acts, and engage in the particular behaviors, that they do . Students will develop an understanding of the biological, psychological, social, and environmental causes and correlates of violent and criminal behavior. Students will explore violence and criminal behavior as a developmental process that may begin in childhood and endure through adolescence and into adulthood. It will further consider how the incidence of criminal behavior varies across categories of a variety of demographic and social status variables. The course will allow students from varied disciplines to see how criminal behavior is determined by a number of bio-psycho-social factors and variables.

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