JM 793.703 - Sp Top: Executive. Management Strategies, 3 credits ( NCJFCJ Conference - St. Louis - March 9th-12th, 2008)
(JM 793.703)


This highly interactive onsite course is designed to enable students to assess, develop, and apply Emotional Intelligence skills to their executive management roles, in order to become better, more effective leaders.  More than a management style or a quick fix recipe, Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for success for anyone who aspires to effective leadership and reduced interpersonal friction.  Participants will learn techniques to control behavior and unproductive responses in themselves and others.  They will learn how to align effort with desired goals to create positive outcomes.  They will learn how to control behavior when faced with adverse circumstances by choosing a response that will bring them closer to their desired goals.  They will be able to exercise Emotional Intelligence in order to create positive outcomes in spite of negative emotions.

Offered: March 9th-12th, 2008 (St. Louis, MO.)

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