JM 690(a).704 - Professional Juvenile Justice Management Courses (NJCSA), 3 credits (Fall 2007)
(JM 690(a).704)

Courses are offered through:

The Justice Management Degree Program will award 3 credits for students who complete the following:

  1. Complete any 2 PJJA courses listed below (current course offerings can be viewed at ):

    - Dynamic Leadership
    - Thriving in a Changing Environment
    - Juvenile Justice Planning
    - Legal Liabilities in Juvenile Justice Management

  2. Register for JM 690(a) and complete an extra online module for each of the 2 courses taken (modules listed below).  The extra module will be taught and graded by one of our JM faculty.  The extra module will need to be completed during the week following the completion of the PJJA course.  Think of this as "Week#6" of the PJJA Course. 
  3. Only 3 credits total will be awarded.  This course closes on May 16th, 2007 

Offered: September 24th to December 15th, 2007

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