JM 690(b).702 - JJMI: Leadership and Management of Organizations, 2 Credits (September 9-12, 2007, Albuquerque, NM)
(JM 690b.702c)

The Leadership and Management of Organizations program is designed to improve the management of juvenile justice agencies. The participants' understanding of organizations as socio-technical systems is expanded through the presentation of a "Six-Box Organizational Model". Highlights of the program include individualized feedback about leadership and management styles, and the opportunity for participants to diagnose their own organizations and identify needed changes.

The Leadership and Management of Organizations program offers an excellent opportunity to network and learn with other court administrators and supervisors from around the country. Upon completion of the program, juvenile justice practitioners will be better prepared to make informed managerial and supervisory decisions helping juvenile courts run more effectively. This is a learning opportunity and experience that you cannot afford to miss!

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